Entrepreneurs Association of China Hong Kong and Slovakia

Priorities of EACHS

The basic objective of ZPCHS is to deepen trade cooperation between China and the European Union with the active participation of Slovak enterprises.

Principleas of EACHS

EACHS respects these fundamental principles which it applies in its activities:

  • Voluntariness

  • The right of freedom opinion, speech and political affiliation

  • Honesty and morality

  • Confidentiality in relation to consultative activities

Activity of EACHS

The above principles and objectives of the EACHS correspond to its programme, which focuses in particular on:

  • influencing legislation in favor of creating a favorable business environment

  • Further strengthening the acceptance of EACHS as a political organisation that fights the interests of the private sector and is a dignified partner, Parliament in the State administration and self-government

  • Effective enforcement of the interests of Slovak entrepreneurs in China and Hong Kong

  • Protection, persons, families and property of an entrepreneur against arbitrary misuse of power by State authorities


For the implementation of this programme, Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia mainly develops activities:

  • analyzes and evaluates the economic legislative and social conditions of entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the practical knowledge of their members;

  • Draw up proposals and incentives to improve the conditions of business for the free movement of goods and services of capital and labour market;

  • Coordinates the progress of its members and actively participates in the development and implementation of the economic policy of government and regional and local government and on the preparation and development of legislation relating to business activities;

  • Participates in the legislative process in the system of submitting proposals for the creation and approval of legislation so as to respect the protection of business rights and freedoms;

  • It is gaining the widest possible support to promote my goals to continuous contacts with individual personalities of social economic and political life;

  • Actively cooperates with State and municipal authorities; Works with other organisations representing entrepreneurs and employers at home and abroad with chambers of commerce and industry; Participates in the activities of tripartite bodies and international organisations of entrepreneurs and employers;

  • It develops activities to effectively defend the interest of Slovak business entities;

Organisational structure

1.) Council of EACHS

The supreme body of the association formed by the delegates of the assembly elected by the EACHS Council for a period of 4 years.

2.) The president

The president is a statutory body EACHS and elects it by the General Council of its ranks for a period of 4 years.

3.) Vice President

  • Vice President of China

  • Vice President of Hong Kong

  • Vice President of the Slovak Republic

The Vice-Presidents selected by the General Council EACHS from their members.